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Post 10
April 2015

Rear Hub

A few photos showing one of the rear hubs going back together. My wisdom won’t help, but maybe the photos will be of use to someone.

Wheel bearings packed with grease. I was surprised to see Timken grease for sale in Supercheap. I don’t know anything about Timken except that it’s also the name on the side of my bearings and comes from the UK and wasn’t expensive. Choice made.

Grease not excessively stuffed into the hub but smoothed of about level with the bearing as per the instruction manual.

End float on the bearings adjusted precisely by guessing. I’ll give both wheels a good jiggle and pry when the axle is back in the vehicle, and if necessary come back in and adjust with a dial gauge (which I don’t have). But they feel good, solid without binding.

Lock nut and lock washer attached. The lock washer is much stiffer than I expected and takes a bit of bashing to bend down around the inner nut. Bending it around the outer nut was easy though, as I could pry outwards with leverage.

And attach the drive flange…. Doh!... Dumb arse.

Remove the drive flange, insert the half shaft, and install little felt gasket thing.

And attach the drive flange. The old crusty bolts (not so bad after I diped them in rust-kill) appear in the picture because the new bolts that I purchased are too long. I noticed they were tightening without compressing the washers. Turns out Britpart bolts (definitely the correct LR part number) are too long. They were cheap, like cents each, so no drama, but I bet a lot of people don’t notice and destroy the threads in the hub or have bolts come loose.

Done. The new grease caps took a pounding to put on, but they look shiny.