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Post 12
April 2015

Rear Axle Installed

Road Test

Big improvement in ride quality. Will be awesome when the front is done.

It’s great that I no longer have to put cardboard down under one half of the car. I reckon there were six points on the rear axle that were leaking, hopefully no longer.

Land Rover Series 3 Rear Axle

Land Rover Series 3 Rear Axle

Before (especially for Paul)

Land Rover Series 3 Rear Axle

After (especially for Paul)

Brake Problem

I encountered a problem with one of the drake drums binding. When I installed the drum on the right hand side, I noticed that the drum was catching at one point in its revolution. I could still turn it through the hard spot by hand, so I figured the the shoes or drum may just need to settle, and driving the vehicle was the best remedy.

After about a 30km test drive, the wheel and drum were hot, I could still touch it, but only just. Hot enough that I was going to have to sort it out anyway.

So I pulled the problem drum off and swapped it to the other side, just to test if the drum was out of round. No problem. I could see where the brakes had been touching one point on the inside of drum, so something must have been out.

I reinstalled both drums making sure that they were very well seated, by tapping them into place with a hammer through a block of wood, and tightening the retaining screws as I tapped. Obviously the drum on one side hadn’t seated against the hub properly, because now the problem is completely solved.