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Post 13
May 2015


Not much has happened to LR over the last couple of weeks. Progress is temporarily halted due to us moving to a different town. Because the LR is in a usable state, it's a good time to pause. It will be earning its keep over the next few weeks, being our only vehicle with a tow ball.


The Warrant of Fitness was due, so I figured id take LR along and see what needs doing. Not too bad.

The front brakes had to be sorted as they were out of balance. I suspect one of the drums hadn’t seated properly as per the issue I had with the rear. I fixed the problem without doing anything except removing the two front drums and making sure they were well tapped back into place.

The front shock absorber bushes were stuffed. I did purchase new rubber bushes locally, but they were too small. The bushes I purchased are a common size, and obviously someone else had purchased the same slightly too small bushes in the past, and used them anyway, along with a bunch of windscreen sealant! Luckily I kept the old land rover sized poly bushes from the rear. They were a bit perished, but good enough to reuse temporarily. When I get to pulling the front axle out, the shocks and bushes will be renewed anyway.

I really wanted to get through this WOF without having to touch the bulkhead. No luck. I had to repair one small rusty patch. I just welded a plate over top, which is good enough to pass inspection, but I’ll grind it off and repair the area properly when the bulkhead is more accessible.

New Grille

Oh, and I brought a second hand 2a metal grille, which will replace my faded plastic grille when I get round to fixing it on.