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Post 16
July 2015

Removing Front Axle

Dragged the front axel out yesterday afternoon. Haven’t had time to tear into it yet, but already I can see that I’ll have to replace the chrome swivel joints. Expensive.

The removal went relatively smoothly. I couldn’t get the steering balljoint separated easily and didn’t want to resort to BFH, so I ended up purchasing a ball joint splitter (the screw apart type, not the whack with hammer type), which worked a treat.

Unlike the rear axle, the front is much more balanced and slid out from under the LR easily without wanting to tip over at all (I didn’t know that though, and faffed about trying to hold up the end of the diff while dragging it out anyway). Two trolley jacks, one under each leaf spring, easy.

Tip. This applies to the rear as well, and is stated in the haynes manual, but I forgot, again; The shackle plates that the the leaf springs hang from (with the two bolts that go through the bushes) are threaded on one side. Undo the nut side first, as the nut is just a locking nut. Then undo the bolt. If you stick a socket wrench on the head of the bolt and swing off it, you’re just fighting a locknut and probably stuffing the thread in the shackle plate.

land rover series 3 front axle

Looking foward to hours of wire brushing and crud.

land rover series 3 front axle detail