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Post 2
March 2015

Removing Rear Axle

Pulled the rear axle out. Not too bad. A couple or three hours start to finish. Took a while to get the drive shaft bolts undone, mainly due to oily crusty-ness that somehow managed to fall into an eyeball no matter how far away I thought my head was from the drop zone.

Actually all the rusted bolts came apart pretty easy and the whole assembly rolled out on my small trolley jack without hassle.

Tip for first timers. The pins holding the front of the leaf spring, once unbolted, needed be driven out with a punch. No problem. On the rear, after removing the nuts, some bashing with a hammer, and then some tapping with a bigger hammer, the pins refused to budge. Turns out they’re threaded into one side of the shackle bracket thing as well. That’s in the Haynes manual. Of course I only checked the instructions after my largest hammer failed to do the job.

land rover series 3 rear axle

Mmmm... crusty.

land rover series 3 rear axle check strap

Check straps. Not on this rover.

land rover series 3 rear axle breather

Not sure if this little clamp and strap thingy is supposed to be there. The adjacent brake line bracket that should be there is missing.