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Post 21
August 2015

AVM Freewheeling Hubs

Before and after photo comparison of the freewheeling hubs.

I cleaned up the outer ring, just a quick polish. I expect that the outer aluminium ring is anodised, so I didn’t want to use sand paper on them. And besides, this is a rough old land rover, no need to go OTT with everything.

The centre piece is some kind of junk soft metal, brass plated. The brass plating was all but gone, just traces left inside. I was going to paint the centre piece silver or black, mainly to keep rust away (not sure that whatever metal it is will rust anyway), but it looked fine as is, so I’ve just sprayed on clear coat.

Both hubs appear in good condition. I dismantled, and cleaned out the crud but that’s about it. Only hiccup encountered was snapping a large circlip that holds the centre piece in place. Now that we live in a small town, things like snapped circlips are a PITA. The nearest likely supply is over an hour away.

land rover series 3 avm freewheeling hubs

Before & After

If you’re looking for an opinion as to whether or not freewheeling hubs save fuel, my belief is definitely yes. In 2wd mode the steering feels better, and you can feel that the vehicle rolls more easily at intersections and when manoeuvring etc. so I’ve no doubt that fwh's will be saving fuel at high (well.. Land Rover high) speed.

They do seem flimsy compared to everything else on the vehicle though. I may look at getting fixed hubs to carry as spares for any serious far away from civilisation expeditions.