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Post 24
September 2015

Leaf Spring Round Up

Thought I’d summarise what I did with the leaf springs front and rear. I'll update this post after they’ve done a few thousand km’s and state how things are going.

Both the front and rear springs were in poor condition. Anyone with money would have replaced them, especially the front springs which were heavily pitted with rust.

Rear Springs

Before assembling the leaf packs, I sprayed teflon dry spray between all of the leafs. It definitely worked, but I suspect the teflon spray will be pulverised fairly quickly, so basically the leafs are installed painted, and dry.

Front Springs

Like the rear, all of the individual springs were painted before reassembly. In the case of the front I smeared each leaf with copper assembly paste. We’ll see how that goes. The springs are awesome, but sand and grit may stick to the assembly paste and cause worse wear than if they had been resembled dry.


Front springs ready for installation.