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Post 28
October 2015

Transmission Dismantled

Quick picture of the transmission broken down into it’s major components. The only issue to report is that I had a hard time getting the layshaft nut undone (big split pin nut inside the bell housing). The manual says to 'undo the nut while holding the output shaft’. Yeah right. I tried vice grips (with a rag) and a couple of other ways to stop the output or mainshaft from rotating, but there was just no way. The easy way is to take the plate of the top of the gearbox that covers the selectors. Then you can pull out the little steel balls that fit between the selectors, and then you can shuffle the selectors to engage reverse gear at the same time as another gear, so that the gearbox locks itself, and then the layshaft nut can easily be undone.

land rover series 3 transmission dismantled