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Post 3
March 2015

Rear Leaf Spring Refurbishment Part 1

Ripping apart leaf springs is fairly straight forward (getting the f**ing bushes out is another story). Heres how I did it.

I clamped the spring across a couple of saw horses. Clamping makes the next step a whole bunch easier. The spring is held together with four steel tabs. Getting the leaves apart is just a matter of prying the tabs out of the way and undoing the centre pin.

land rover series 3 rear spring

land rover series 3 rear spring

I bent the tabs back with a pry bar, cold. None of them broke, but ideally you'd probably heat the steel tabs with a torch first. It's just a matter of driving a pry bar under the tabs to the edge of the leaf, from which point leverage makes it easy to bend the tabs back. You can see in the photos that I bent each side so that the opening was slightly smaller than the width of the leaves.

It's a lot easier to work on the tabs with the centre pin still in place.

Next, undo the centre pin. On one spring, I could undo the pin with just a socket and pliers, for the other I had to hold the round end in a bench vice. Both pins slid out easy once undone.

Oh, and I clamped the spring tight with a G clamp before undoing the center pin. I don't think the spring will pop violently, but anyway, I clamped it, and didn't wear a spring in the face.

After removing the G clamp, the leaves came apart with just a wee bit of persuasion.

land rover series 3 rear spring