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Post 4
March 2015

Rear Leaf Spring Refurbishment Part 2 - Getting the Damned Bushes Out

This is a shit of a job. I think before tackling the bushes in the chassis I will make up some kind of pulling tool. Despite soaking the bushes in WD40 for a couple of days, not one of the four came out easily or in one piece. The easiest took about half an hour to get out, the worst, probably more like two.

Basically, I held the leaf in my vice, and bashed the bushes out with some kind of drift or punch. The most successful implement/method I found, was to tighten a bolt up through the bushing, and pound the crap out of it. Eventually the bonded rubber centre will loose its grip and slide out from the outer steel ring, leaving just the steel ring seized inside the leaf loop. For two of the bushings I had to drill the rubber out as much as possible to weaken it first.

Next, I hacksawed through the steel outer ring to create a slot, which releases some of the tension. I used a punch to tap the steel ring out, which worked well on a couple, but I had to resort to a chisel for the other two.

land rover series 3 rear spring

Ready for a pounding.

land rover series 3 rear spring

I cut a slot in the outer bushing above where there is a gap in the loop, to lessen the chance of cutting into the leaf.