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Post 40
January 2017

Land Rover / Ohiwa Harbour

Just a quick update and a picture of the Land Rover out and about.

This blog isn’t dead, there’s just nothing happening with the Land Rover at the moment. I use it as my daily driver adventure vehicle.

Mechanically the Land Rover is more or less good. Cosmetic restoration is only on hold because of the garage situation I’m currently faced with. We are renting a house and the Rover is too tall to fit in the garage with it’s roof attached. So it lives outside. I can remove the roof if I need to work on it, but thats hardly practical on a day to day basis.

We live about 50 metres from a breaking pacific surf beach, so any nice new paint will get trashed out in the elements. I figure there's not much point investing in making it look good right now.

So… the refurb will continue, but at some point in the near future.

Land Rover Series 3 Ohiwa Harbour

Abandoned Wharf, Ohiwa Harbour.