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Post 5
March 2015

Rear Leaf Spring Refurbishment Part 3

land rover series 3 rear spring

land rover series 3 rear spring

Ready for use.

Several hours on the angle grinder with a wire brush, and both springs have been stripped and painted. I’ve loosely stacked them together, but will assemble the spring packs finally at a later date. Waiting on UHMW tape to arrive from Amazon, which I plan to experiment with between the individual leaves.

Just a couple of other prepared parts in the background of the photo, including the crusty brake pipe guard plates, which I ground smooth and plated in nickel for some added under-car bling.


I ended up putting the springs back together without the experimental tape. Mostly because there was a delay from Amazon, so I cancelled the order. Anyway, I whacked them together with some teflon spray, and job done.