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Post 6
March 2015

Rear Axle Strip Down

Stripping the axle went smoothly. Everything was so sodden in old oil and grease, that every fixing came apart easily. Some minor tapping was required to separate the drive flanges from the axle casing, and more than minor tapping (and a chisel) to crack the diff assembly away from the axle casing.

Some interesting discoveries. Both hubs leak. The previous owner spent a little over $1000 on the brakes before I purchased the car, but no one bothered to replace the $2 oil seal in either hub. The left hand brake shoes, drum, everything, was oiled all over. Anyway, enough Brakleen and everything will be sweet.

Also interesting that one of the grease caps was full of oil instead of grease and a reused half split pin.

Happily, the wheel bearings appear excellent. I looked up the cost of replacing the bearings as a matter of course, but Timken brand are the original suppliers to Land Rover and much much more expensive than cheaper replacement bearings. So I'll just stick with the good bearings I already have.

land rover series 3 rear wheel hub

The large nut in the picture above is the one that the manuals recommend using a special box spanner to undo. I don't have one. The nut is supposed to be fairly loose, and in both cases easily came undone with hardly any pressure on a pair of adjustable pliers.

land rover series 3 rear brake assembly

The brake assembly. A bit grimy, but nothing like the oily mess found inside the opposite drum.

land rover series 3 wheel timken bearing inside rear hub

The bearings appear fine. I gently stashed each pair inside a plastic bag with plenty of oil.