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Post 7
April 2015

Rear Axle Casing Clean Up

A couple of hours on the angle grinder with a wire brush removed years of built up rusty crud.

So I’m whirring away with the wire brush and all of a sudden the grinder sinks in to a patch of filler. Bog on an axle, awesome. Obviously the axle took the brunt of the vehicle dropping on to something solid at some point in its life. It must have happened a long time ago for the vehicle’s value to justify hiding the damage. I like the fact that they used a rivet and some kind of glue to fill a small hole (presumably used for a slide hammer). Can’t really knock the technique though, as the repair's held up fine.

land rover series 3 rear axle casing

Mmm.. clean. Can touch without needing a scrub down afterwards.

land rover series 3 dent in rear axle casing

Here’s the dent. I don’t have a problem with battle scars, especially dents that no one will ever see, so I definitely won’t be filling over this. I did remove the rivet and weld over the hole though.

land rover series 3 rear axle casing painted

Painted. The last piece of the rear end cleaned up. Looking forward to bolting a whole bunch of clean or new parts back together.