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Post 8
April 2015

Rear Axle Parts

All the bits ready for reassembly. Just waiting on a bunch of small parts and new shocks to arrive from the UK.

I ordered parts from Land Rover Direct. It’s a good site. The site automatically calculates shipping costs and converts everything to $NZ. This is a big deal because it means I can accurately avoid the threshold for import duty and GST.

My preference was to source parts from NZ suppliers, but it’s just way to hard. Everything is available from somewhere, but pricing and availability is so random. I can’t be arsed spending all day phoning and emailing and driving around for every little gasket or seal or bsf nut or whatever. I don’t mind paying more to support local, but local the price for a retail customer like me can be more than five-fold importing from the UK, and I simply wouldn’t be undertaking this project having to pay that much for parts.

land rover series 3 rear axle parts

land rover series 3 rear axle parts